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A1C Controls


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A1CNowControls are intended for the quality control of PTS Diagnostics' A1CNowHbA1c tests. The controls are supplied in two levels as a frozen, ready to use material that requires no reconstitution.

Ready-to-use control materials:

  • Two-level control kit
  • Dropper vials

A1CNowControls / Liquid Controls Intended For Use with A1CNowTest Kits / Ready-to-Use Control Materials / Two-Level Control Kit / Dropper Vials / Room Temperature Storage up to 7 Days or Refrigerated up to 8 Months Once Thawed and Opened / Long-Term Frozen Storage up to 3 Years or Until Expiration Date

    This product is manufactured by PTS Diagnostics for Trividia Health, Inc. For questions or concerns regarding the usage of this product, please contact PTS Diagnostics.

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