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The self-test log book provided by Trividia Health conveniently allows you to record your glucose test results on a daily basis. It is portable in...
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This 24-page self-test log book provided by Trividia Health conveniently allows you to record your glucose test results on a daily basis. It is portable...
The TRUE METRIX® Blood Glucose Testing Kit Package includes everything you need for daily blood glucose testing. Includes: TRUE METRIX® Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter...

Blood Glucose Log Book

It’s said that knowledge is power. When it comes to diabetes maintenance and blood sugar level control, knowing where your numbers stand throughout the day — as well as over time — can lead to more informed choices. Although we all have every good intention to keep up with our diabetes logs, this important task can often slip by the wayside due to our busy lives. However, when you have a designated blood glucose log along with your blood glucometer and diabetes care kit, you’ll likely make use of this simple, yet very important, tool in your diabetes management plan.

Blood Glucose Logs for Patterns and Trends

The use of a blood glucose log keeps you in the know about how your blood sugar levels respond after rest, after strenuous activity, after meals or before bed. By noting patterns and trends in your blood glucose levels, you can tailor your diabetes maintenance to your specific needs and provide your doctor with an informed report about how you respond to your medications.

Diabetes Log Books

At TD Health, we think that it’s vital for diabetics to keep track of their blood glucose levels for themselves — as well as for reference by their health care team. We offer several choices of self-test glucose log books from which to choose to record your daily results. These easily portable diabetes log books are a convenient place to keep record of your insulin dosages, blood sugar levels, times recorded and any other information that may be helpful in your long-term diabetes care.

With their clear, easy-to-follow headings, designated areas to record levels at breakfast, lunch and dinner and additional areas to make notes, these diabetic log books are a great way to stay informed and stay on top of your diabetes care. Keep your numbers — as well as your doctors’ phone numbers, names and other contact information — nearby when you tuck these compact blood glucose log books into your diabetes care kit. Add a pencil for an easily available writing utensil.

A Partner in Your Journey

TD Health is a trusted partner in your diabetes journey. Our mission is to provide the best products at affordable prices to individuals who live with diabetes. From your everyday essentials like blood glucometers, diabetic test strips and sharps to helpful diabetes accessories like lotions, gels and diabetes log books, we’re your go-to source for helpful information, support and products you need to live a long, healthy life.