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The TRUE METRIX® Blood Glucose Testing Kit Package includes everything you need for daily blood glucose testing. Includes: TRUE METRIX® Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter...

Be Prepared with Fast-Acting Glucose Tablets

Even with the best diabetes care and conscientious maintenance of your blood sugar levels, blood glucose dips and spikes can occur. Both hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can be dangerously life-threatening situations for individuals who are living with diabetes. Because these conditions can often occur seemingly out of the blue, diabetics need to be prepared at all times with fast-acting glucose tablets like our TRUEplus® glucose tablets from TD Health.

Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia

Hyperglycemia’s symptoms can include increased thirst, frequent urination, nausea, fruity breath and a very dry mouth. High blood sugar levels can lead to diabetic coma — even death. Alternately, hypoglycemia — or low blood sugar — can be equally as dangerous. Its symptoms can be mildly annoying, such as grumpiness or irritability, or as severe as insulin shock, which can cause you to pass out or have a seizure.

Portable Glucose Tablets

Although the diabetic’s go-to source for low blood sugar — typically a piece of candy or a glass of orange juice — is often handy when this condition occurs at home, these items’ availability may not come as easily while on the go or traveling. TD Health has convenient, portable, travel-sized options that can be easily tucked into a bag, a purse or a briefcase for emergency low blood sugar situations. Whether you choose fast-acting glucose gel, a glucose shot or fast-acting glucose tablets, these carbohydrate-rich items help boost your blood sugar back up to normal levels quickly.

Fast-Acting Glucose Tablets

At TD Health, we have a fantastic selection of glucose tablets that are available in a wide variety of great-tasting options. Choose from soft tablets or traditional fast-acting carbohydrate tabs in 48-count or 50-count packages. Whether you prefer a fruit flavor like orange, raspberry, cherry or kiwi strawberry or you opt for a root beer flavor or a chocolate marshmallow flavor, you can be assured that our selection of TRUEplus® fast-acting glucose tablets will help you get your blood sugar back on track quickly and efficiently.