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You eat right, exercise and are diligent in taking your medications. Although you test your blood glucose levels daily, these tests don't provide indicators about your HbA1C levels. Technology has rapidly improved in self-testing and diabetes products though the A1CNow® Self Check system. It provides a window into your HbA1C levels, spanning the past two to three months. The A1CNow® Self Check system provides a quick and easy way to get accurate HbA1c results at home and guide if any changes or adjustments in medication or habits need to occur.

A1C test kit reviews are in: the highly accurate A1CNow® Self Check kit in a four-count test system is a helpful tool to help you get a handle on your diabetes. In turn, you'll be healthier and more in control of this challenging disease. The A1CNow® Self Check system is designed for home use and comes in a convenient four-test pack with everything you need to complete your A1C tests (a patented analyzer, 4 test cartridges, fingerstick lancets and blood collectors.)

The Mayo Clinic recommends that HbA1c tests should be performed twice a year for patients with type 2 diabetes who are non-insulin dependent and whose blood sugar levels are consistently in target range. The A1CNow® kit can be used three to four times per year if a patient has type 1 diabetes and four times per year if a type 2 diabetes patient is insulin dependent.

A1CNow Self Check Features:

  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Compact, portable size
  • Battery-powered
  • Small fingerstick blood sample
  • No maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-use

Results You Can Trust:

  • NGSP-certified
  • IFCC-traceable
  • CE-marked for self-test use
  • CLIA-waived

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