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How To Set Target Blood Glucose Goals

Your healthcare team can determine the target range for your blood glucose levels and how often you should test.

At first, you might feel overwhelmed by the thought of always keeping your blood glucose results within your target range. Your healthcare team can reassure you that over time, you will learn to recognize patterns in your results and understand why they occur.

Quick Tip:

The goal of blood glucose monitoring is to have most blood glucose results within a set target range. Staying within a set target range helps to delay or prevent the occurrence of complications from diabetes.

How Often to Test:

Your healthcare team will determine the target range for blood glucose levels and how often you should test based on your type of diabetes, your current blood glucose levels, and your overall treatment plan.

If you were just diagnosed, your healthcare team will recommend that you test more often to make sure your diabetes management plan is working.

Quick Tip:

It is good practice to vary the times blood glucose is tested. This gives a more complete picture of blood glucose levels at different times of the day and during different situations.


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