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Managing Blood Glucose Levels

A newly diagnosed person tests before and after meals. Their target range* is as follows:

Before Meals

90-120 mg/dL

After Meals

Less than 140 mg/dL

*The ranges provided here are an EXAMPLE ONLY, patients must check with their doctor to determine their personal target ranges.

In the example below, the individual’s blood glucose results before breakfast and lunch were within their target range, but the glucose results after lunch and before and after dinner meals were too high.

By reviewing their results in this way, the person was able to focus on areas of poor control and make adjustments.

Quick Tip:

Always consult with a healthcare professional before making any changes in a diabetes management plan.

Blood glucose monitoring is a critical part of every diabetes management plan. Regular self-monitoring can provide important information on how daily management plans are working to control blood glucose levels.

Quick Tip:

Learn to recognize patterns to prevent situations that cause blood glucose levels to go higher or lower than a set target range. Write down the actions you will take to prevent blood glucose results from going out of range.

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