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Docking station for use with the TRUE METRIX® or TRUE METRIX® AIR Blood Glucose Meter TRUEmanager® Diabetes Management Software allows you to download your blood...
MICRO USB Cable for use with the TRUE METRIX® GO Blood Glucose Meter TRUEmanager® Diabetes Management Software allows you to download your blood glucose results...

Diabetes Accessories for Maintenance

As a diabetic, you have a lot to think about: maintaining your blood glucose levels within a safe range, ordering insulin and keeping a supply of medication on hand. It’s also essential to ensure that the equipment, accessories and supplies that you have work properly and are fully charged at all times. You know that inattentiveness is not an option — for a healthy lifestyle, you have to know and understand how your items work, where to order them and exactly what you need to maintain your blood glucose meters and more.

We Are Your Trusted Partner

TD Health is a trusted partner in your journey with diabetes. We have the products, necessities and diabetic accessories you need to carry on with your best life. We want to be your go-to for accessories, cords, information and more. That’s why we’ve compiled these diabetic accessories, glucose meter USBs, information resources and docking stations so your equipment is always fully charged and ready to go when it’s needed.

Diabetic Accessories, Glucose Meter USBs and More

Shop diabetes accessories here at TD Health, such as the patented TRUEmanager® items that are compatible with TRUE METRIX®, TRUE METRIX® AIR, TRUEtrack® or TRUEbalance® meters and equipment. Need a glucose meter USB for the transfer of information to a laptop, computer or mobile device? We offer several glucose meter USB options, including glucose meter USB cables for TRUEtrack®, TRUEbalance® or the TRUE METRIX® GO blood glucose meters. From reference and software CDs to glucose meter USB cords and diabetic accessories, we have what you need to stay in the know and manage your diabetes safely and affordably.

Your Source for Diabetic Health Maintenance

TD Health is your source for everything you need to maintain your health. Newly diagnosed with diabetes? Are you a loved who is caring for someone with diabetes? Whatever your personal situation, we are here to provide education, products, glucose meter USBs and diabetic accessories here at affordable prices. Shop glucose meters, diabetic test strips, glucose gel shots, diabetic creams and lotions and more at TD Health.