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Fast Acting Glucose

Your blood sugar can change based on:

  • What you eat or drink and how often you eat or drink, including alcoholic beverages
  • When and how much you exercise
  • When you take your diabetes medicine
  • Some medicines you take, such as steroids or liquid medicines that contain sugar
  • Stress, illness, and travel

When reviewing your results, highlight the high and low results and note when you’ve missed a meal, exercised longer than usual, or taken too much medication.

This will help you make adjustments in your daily routine to keep your blood glucose levels within your target range.

Soft drinks and fruit juice can treat lows, but there are also products specifically designed to raise blood glucose.

These fast-acting glucose sources are:

  • Made with the simplest form of carbohydrate (glucose), which is absorbed into the blood stream quickly.
  • Available in pre-measured servings so an exact amount can be taken.

Quick Tip:

Fast-acting glucose products come in a variety of flavors and forms, including tablets, gels, and liquid shots, which make it convenient to stay prepared.

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