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Healthy Meal Planning

The goal of smart diabetes management is to keep blood glucose levels near normal or within your target range.

Healthy meal planning is the first step in regulating blood glucose levels.

A recently diagnosed individual found out his glucose levels were out of his target range, and he decided to start managing his glucose levels by healthy meal planning.

Benefits From Practical Meal Planning:

  • Ensures that you are eating nutritious foods
  • Maintains normal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Helps you achieve a desirable body weight
  • Aids in preventing the occurrence of the complications of diabetes

Quick Tip:

Through regular testing and tracking, you can determine if your meal plan is helping you to achieve your target blood glucose goals.

Eating Healthy

Healthy meals can make a big difference in your blood glucose levels.

After talking to your healthcare team, you’ll be surprised to find out that eating out could affect the management of your diabetes.

Follow diabetes friendly recipes which focus on healthy eating and watching what you eat when eating out.

Quick Tip:

Regular blood glucose monitoring – before and after eating – will help you identify which foods may be causing your glucose levels to be too high or low.

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