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Helpful Meal Planning Tools

Meal planning includes selecting a variety of foods that you like to eat to provide your body with proper calories and nutrients.

There are several approaches to meal planning. A recently diagnosed patient worked with his diabetes healthcare team to determine which approach would work best for him. His approach included three components of healthy meal planning:

Quick Tip:

Reading and understanding food labels and using measuring tools – such as a food scale or measuring cup – are excellent ways to help you learn proper portion sizes.

Helpful Tips For Smart Shopping

Use the following checklist to help you make the right choices when grocery shopping:

  • Make a list and limit trips
  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach
  • Stick to the perimeter
  • Ignore the pictures and read the boxes

Quick Tip:

Never skip meals and make sure you plan ahead. If your schedule does not allow you to sit down for a meal, carry a nutritious snack to prevent the occurrence of low blood glucose levels.

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