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How to Use Your Glucose Meter

A blood glucose (sugar) meter is a machine that measures your blood sugar.

Your doctor or pharmacist can help decide which meter is best for you based on the cost of the machines and supplies (batteries, test strips, needles), your insurance, and how easy it is to read and program the meter.

Some meters have special coding or a computer chip that must be changed with every new bottle of test strips. Some meters have a “control” substance to check if the machine is working properly.

Refer to your blood glucose meter’s Instructions for Use for specific details. To use your glucose meter:

1. Wash and dry your hands

2. Put a test strip in your meter

3. Prick your fingertip with a needle (lancet)

4. Gently squeeze a small drop of blood out of your finger

5. Hold edge of the test strip to the drop of blood (your machine might “beep” when there is enough blood)

6. Your blood sugar result will show up on the meter

To make sure the blood sugar results are correct, clean your meter regularly and make sure to keep your meter and test strips at room temperature.

  • Do not use old or outdated test strips and only use test strips designed for your meter.
  • Use the right amount of blood (not too much or too little).

Your doctor or other healthcare provider can help you understand how to use the meter.

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