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Insulin Therapy

A newly diagnosed patient learned that insulin is available in many different types, and each type works differently in the body.

The Goal of Insulin Therapy

The goal of insulin therapy is to control blood glucose levels and prevent complications of diabetes, like nerve damage, kidney damages, vision loss, and cardiovascular disease.

Quick Tip:

Each type of insulin works differently from person to person. It is important to work with a diabetes healthcare professional to determine the type and dosage of insulin required to help you achieve your target blood glucose goals.

When injecting insulin, it is important to measure the dose correctly. The patient’s healthcare team gave him helpful tips on how to deliver insulin:

Tip 1

Using syringes with clear, easy-to-read markings makes taking the right amount of insulin easier.

Tip 2

Dispose of used syringes in a puncture resistant container, following local ordinances.

Tip 3

Frequently check blood glucose levels and write down results to identify patterns.

Quick Tip:

Insulin works to lower blood glucose levels by transporting the glucose from the blood into the body cells for energy. If your blood glucose levels are in your target range, then your diabetes management plan is working.

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