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Oral Medications

Once diagnosed with diabetes, a patient’s healthcare team gave him helpful tips to help him understand his oral diabetes medications and how they help to control blood glucose levels.

By frequently monitoring his blood glucose levels when beginning on diabetes medications, the patient was able to achieve his target range.

The Goal of Oral Medications

The goal of oral medication therapy is to keep blood glucose levels within the target range.

The patient worked with his healthcare team to make sure he understood his medications and how to take them safely.

To help him better manage his diabetes, he keeps a log book that helps him remember to take his medications and understand the effects they have on his blood sugar levels.

Quick Tip:

In order to safely and effectively understand and adhere to your medication schedule, it is important for you to understand the name of your medication(s), the right dosage and how often you should take your pills.

Types of Oral Medications

The newly diagnosed patient met with healthcare team and learned there are several types of diabetes pills. Each type works on a different area in the body to lower blood glucose levels.

Some types of medications work by:

  • Helping the pancreas secrete more insulin
  • Stopping the liver from making glucose
  • Making the muscle cells become less resistant to insulin

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