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Eating right with diabetes

What you eat can change your blood sugar. It is important to make healthy choices and eat the right amount of food. Your meals should have a variety of healthy foods that contain protein. Fats, and carbohydrates (starches).

Starches change to sugar when eaten.

Simple starches, such as fruit juice, milk, and candy, can quickly raise your blood sugar.

Complex starches, such as whole grain, bread, beans, corn, potatoes, and oatmeal, are high in fiber and raise your blood sugar more slowly.

Sometimes it might be hard to tell your friends and family that you cannot eat certain foods or that you need to get more exercise. It is important to be honest with them about what you can eat and ask for their support. Bringing a friend on a walk can help lift your spirits and keep you healthy.

Fiber is also found in fruits and vegetables. Complex starches with lots of fiber are good for people with diabetes.

Your meals should have lots of vegetables and moderate amounts of protein (meat, fish, eggs) and starch.

  • Choose complex starches with lots of fiber, like beans, cereals, and brown rice.
  • Look for products that say “whole grain” on them Eat proteins with a small amount of fat, like lean meats, seafood, low-fat dairy products, and beans
  • Avoid eating foods with lots of fat, like butter, whole milk, cooking oil, lard, red meat, and chicken skin because they are bad for your heart
  • Do not eat too many sweets, like cakes, cookies, candy, soda, and fruit juice because they raise your blood sugar too high and can make you gain weight
  • Be aware of portion sizes, but do not skip meals

Source: MKT0568